Golden Prey

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The ordinary investigator became the number one crime detective and then the close friend of the governor who saved his life from a potential threat. Now he has emerged as the US marshal because of his long services to the nation and thus as it is said “with greater powers comes greater responsibilities”. Lucas Davenport now has to look after more than just a small town and the committed investigator is not willing to let crime loose in his territory. There is another luxury that he now enjoys along with his high post i.e he has the opportunity to select cases of his own choice for himself.

Whatever looks interesting he grabs it, and then no other case emerging can bother him after that without his approval and his jurisdiction has no limits at all.

These were the powers he used to dream of at the initial stages of his career and it looks as if he is living through a dream after having a lot of nightmares no doubt. Davenport never expected that the leisure time would run out so quickly and he would be in the same state in which he was in when he solved cases in Wicked Prey and Buried Prey.

A drug-cartel counting house is robbed and six bodies are found on the scene. The US marshal takes case in his own hands but the cartel assassins are not willing to give their case to anyone because they want revenge. Richard Ferrone has really put his heart out in this one where he had to narrate in different accents because John Sandford has portrayed a multicultural drama this time.

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