The Hunger Games


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    Hunger games trilogy by Suzanne Collins begins from this part in which the field and the rules are set for the districts that take part in the games. The old world has fallen and a new world has emerged that has new rules and regulations. People don’t fight openly on the battlefield rather they chose or select their champions that fight for them in the arena according to certain rules.

    The nation Panem has an odd way of keeping all the districts united, a teenage boy and a girl take part in the annual hunger game and during this the battle their way out of the challenges. This most amusing sport of the nation is telecasted on national television and the day is celebrated like a national holiday.

    The Hunger Games

    The naturally selected girl was actually Katniss’ sister but Katniss was forced to take her sister’s place. Going in the mouth of death and destruction is not very terrifying for the young girl as she has faced a lot of troubles in her life before but the hunger games demand something more.

    It is a sacrifice of the most precious things the sixteen years old has in her life and even at this stage if she wins what would be left for her to live for after losing the love of her life. Tatiana Maslany the official narrator has narrated Catching Fire and Mockingjay along with this one. The narrator does not try to overdo things, the voice is accurate with the performance and the need of the characters and no more adaptation is made in the voice anywhere in the entire novel.

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