HALO: The Fall of Reach

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Eric Nylund makes the listeners jump to the 26th century where earth is not the only home for the humans anymore. Humans live on different planets all around the galaxy and things like the shortage of food supply and over population does not exist now. Bigger problems emerge after some years of expanding in the galaxy. Whole new colony of the humans starts having troubles of its own, troubles that could easily turn into a civil war within no time.

United Nations Space Command fails to control the developing issues between the large communities so Dr. Catherine Halsey is asked to find a solution for all of this. In a secret lab Halsey starts the experimentation on seventy five children that could settle things all around the galaxy in the days to come. One of those children happens to be John who is just six years of age when he enters the lab. Soon it is known to Halsey that the boy is capable of a lot more than she expected at the start.

Potential of emerging as a savior is quite evident in the boy. Between all of this research process a new calamity approaches the human community in the form of an alien race. Alien race wants to take over the entire human civilization and only John stands between them and the earth. Every part of this series is outstanding and you can choose any one like HALO: First Strike or HALO: Ghosts of Onyx for the weekend. Listening in the voice of Todd McLaren never tires anyone but it is advisable to start the series with this one because John’s introduction is quite fascinating.



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