He Who Fights with Monsters 6


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    A LitRPG Adventure (He Who Fights with Monsters, Book 6) – TokyBook ♥

    He Who Fights with Monsters 6 is a LitRPG adventure. The book is written by Shirtaloon who is also known as Travis Deverell. He is an excellent writer of LitRPG novels and He Who Fights with Monsters is his best series. He Who Fights with Monsters 4 and He Who Fights with Monsters 5 are a couple of very good novels that the author has written.

    The audio narration of the subject novel is done by Heath Miller. It was quite a wonderful narration and you will love the characters and the overall story in the voice of Heath Miller.

    It was the time when the world was teetering right on the edge of destruction.

    The people who were responsible for saving the planet Earth ignored all the warnings and opted to loot the house just as it burnt all around them. He lacked the due strength required to save the world by himself.

    He Who Fights with Monsters 6

    The impossible meant to seize a power that no mortal should ever touch. It was a choice from which there was no turning back at all. It marked their first-ever step for Jason into a wider kind of cosmos that he was not ready at all to face.

    Holing the fate of the two different worlds within his own hands, Jason must look to decide for himself what home means.

    This is a lovely series and this particular novel is quite wonderful as well where you will find a lot of progress done with the storyline. This title was definitely worth the wait. The only issue that people feel was that it should be a little longer than what it was.

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    1. I love the series and have read them on my Kindle at least 4 times now. Finding these recordings were a wonderful delight. However what happened to #7 you have 1-6 and 8 but no #7?


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