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Healers is the 4th chapter in the Morningstar Strain novel series. It is a horror fiction with a highly engaging tale of a global pandemic where a deadly virus infects billions of people all around the world. The writing of this novel is done by Brad Munson in a very engaging and exciting manner or how a novel on pandemic should be told. The author has got some other quality novels in his archives where A Beautiful Foolish Endeavor and A Little Life are among his best works so far.

Oliver Wyman has given the narration of this novel. He made this novel an excellent listen with his soulful voice. He alone did a great job in making this novel a hit.

When there is a case of some industrial accident then few of the Morningstar Strain got released actually. The medical specialist who discovered the virus have to fight their way through the Shamblers and Sprinters. He needed to go for this fight along with his assistant in order to save themselves and also the vaccine for the virus and the base as well.

The character development by the author is the highlight of this novel. It was great to see that how the author didn’t go to much far down the zones of the political, religious and the supernatural themes. You will absolutely love this for being such an original piece of literary art. They soon discovered another significant thing that there wasn’t any sort of accident at all that happened. It was actually did on purpose by someone within the facility. The ongoing war with the infected and the RSA is far from over.

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