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Heroes is the finale in the epic Morningstar Strain saga. The novel is a work of science fiction fantasy. It is a book jointly written by Dawn Peers and Brad Munson. Some of the other top novels written by Brad Munson that deserves you due attention are: A Beautiful Foolish Endeavor and A Little Life.

Oliver Wyman performed the narration of this novel with his gutsy and soulful voice. Yu will love him for his unique tone and emotion depicted perfectly through his voice.

The world actually ended some 4 years ago when the Morningstar virus killed billions of people. Humanity gets another chance for a new beginning with the availability of virus. But, is it possible at all? The virus created two different but deadly types of zombies. They are the relentless and fast sprinters. They have disappeared. The evil mankind dedicated to chaos and death have been miserably defeated. But, the worst is still to come. There is a new breed of the undead seen which is taking a rise.

A mutant form of the virus has surfaced up and produced a sprinter who could think and also control those billions of shamblers while still infecting the world. It is high time for a completely new breed of mankind to rise. Those should be the people who have actually survived the time of the end of the world and now they are ready to fight death again.

The grand saga comes to a grand ending with heroes. The author has truly justified everything while bringing this novel to its poetic justice end. You are recommended to check this novel if zombie tales inspires you.

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