Hive War

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Hive War is the 4th chapter in the galactic Liberation novel series. The book and the entire series rather is a contemporary science fiction fantasy. The Galactic Liberation saga is jointly written by B. V. Larson and David VanDyke. They have collaborated in a number of other top quality novels in the past. Demon Star and Exile are two other beautiful novels that this pair has also written together.

The mentioned novels are part of the Star Force novel series and it did quite well for the audience as they were literally mesmerized with the amazing space war stories.

Hive War novel is narrated by Mark Boyett and his magical voice managed to make the audiobook experience quite awesome for the listeners.

The Opters, the Republic and the weird Crystalline race of some strange origin meets up in a series of titanic wars. The commodore Straker calls upon the thousands of starships. But, he very soon discovers that he is outclassed by his enemy on technology grounds.

After realizing that the conventional victory is not possible, the race is all set on either side to completely destruct the key worlds on each other. Billions of inhabitants died and the entire planets got destroyed.

Even when the signs of war rages, there was some dark suspicion that was growing constantly. There were some traitors spotted right in the middle of the war related chaos. The commodore Staker realized that the worst enemy is only that one who you assume to be your ally.

The novel is a highly thrilling tale of adventure and warfare among the many stars. The audience are recommended to start from Starship Liberator, which is the first novel of the Galactic novel series.

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