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They have been running hard for their survival since the two have come together and have gathered secrets that were better to be left buried. Facing enemies was never their dream however under the circumstances they never had another choice. So they fought for their lives and also to know the truth behind the evil motives of the enemies.

The final chapter of the Smuggler’s tales takes Natalya and Zoya much deeper into the den of evil. The two go to Toe-Hold a place that the author Nathan Lowell has talked about before in his other series as well. Going there had only one purpose i.e the two ladies were asked to check why the smelters of the mining company are not working anymore.

Reaching the spot was not troublesome as they faced no enemies on the way but there was always a strange terror in the air. On reaching the destination all they found was just debris. There was a ship too that was trying to escape but was trapped badly. The action comes into play at once, the two starts to get busy in dealing with the problem. Half Share and Milk Run had this sort of scenes in them but the situation is not the same.

After every step more sensation is added by Emily Woo Zeller’s narration, the narrator just never allows the listener to rest or to get in a dizzy grove. It was expected that the last part would take us back to the origin but those things were lacking in this part. On the whole, no negative criticism can be done on the strong story of the novel.

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