Honoured Enemy

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One legend ends and a new saga begin in Riftwar where issues never get resolved fully and enmity just keep on growing. There was an old saying once “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Raymond E. Feist kept it in real view while creating this masterpiece. There are two groups in the story who are looking for the same garrison but with a different intension.

One is running toward the garrison in order to aid it and the second one wants to exterminate it before the help reaches the squad. Hartraft’s Marauders and Tsurani petrol came to the point on the same time where the garrison was present but they found only ashes. A third group has already killed each and every member of the garrison and the two troops have also walked in a trap to face the same consequence. Only way out for these two squads is to unite against the dark elves because they hate both of these two armies.

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Survival can make people play tricky games and thus the two unite but this does not mean that they started to love or respect one another. New saga takes the audience to the old war games that we used to witness in Rage of a Demon King and Rise of a Merchant Prince. For Matt Bates it was all new because he started a part with some odd creatures and magic involved. Now this one is the aggressive fighting zone in which the narrator lands from the beginning. Narration is not excellent but still better in so many aspects that one cannot give any negative comment on it.

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