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Hunters is the 5th chapter in the exciting Morningstar Strain novel series. The novel is an action adventure with a gripping plot. The man behind writing this sensational book is Dawn Peers. He has done quite a few other fictional novels where Legacy of Darkness and Sea of Sighs are the best. This novel is narrated by liver Wyman. He has done narration of all prior novels in the series and for his consistent performance, he deserves a lot of appreciation.

Is it possible to cure the Morningstar Strain or not? America is rising right out of the zombie apocalypse ruins. But, will the dead and living kill the entire world before it could go again in the reborn phase?

The RSA leaders are all dead but the remnants of the army still threatens US in their recovery phase. New challenges are faced by old friends and the unexpected enemies reclaims the White House and the Capitol. Mark is now the elected mayor after he finally managed to reveal the traitor. On the other hand, Dr. Demillio has got the cure for the sprinters in hand. If they are not much damaged then the virus can be driven away from their infected bodies and she could help in bringing them all back to life.

As the dead would never stop coming back to life and walk the Earth while never stop killing, then a new US should fight them all. The idea should not just be to survive but it should be to rise up again actually.

The book is highly recommended to all the zombie fans and horror fiction lovers who are actually looking for something new in the category.

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