I, Judas

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I, Judas: A Novel

The lover of history Taylor Caldwell this time selects Judas Iscariot for the showcasing and provides us the details of a one of a kind betrayal. This one is connected not only to history but also to religion and basically it is rooted in religion primarily and everything else is just secondary. We see a connection of religion in Dear and Glorious Physician too but the betrayal of this style was never there.

Judas has been a myth for centuries in the Christian world but never have we observed a book telling in so much detail about the man. He belonged to a rich family and still he left all the worldly desires till one day he became the original disciples of Jesus Christ.

He gained high ranks in spirituality and was among the closest to Jesus but then everything collapsed all of a sudden. The inner demon made him ruin everything when he kissed his master and called him by a false name. He deceived Jesus on the most terrible occasion and thus became one of the Satan allies.

This betrayal shows that he was never fully pure from the heart because he had the heart of a demon or a cheat. Dealt with superb accuracy and all the details about the man have been collected from the religious books and the author along with Jess Stearn has done a lot of research.

Stefan Rudnicki never loses the strong hold on the narration even for a single line or dialogue, over all the combination is a nice one and perfectly balanced one too. The novel has some tags of the Biblical era but a lot of explanation is not attached to it.

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