Dear and Glorious Physician

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A novel about Saint Luke is a big achievement by the author who can caste magic with his words i.e Taylor Caldwell. How Lucanus started his early life is not in proper detail because it is not related to his achievements. We are just informed that his stepfather was the governor of a state when Lucanus was studying medicine and other important stuff like that.

Keep observer and a good learner from the start the boy was really into medicine from youth. He got what he wanted and became a renowned physician all over the world and finally started investigating the life history of Jesus.

This was the time in his life when Luke finally found comfort in his life; Jesus was the personality that he wanted to explore. Luke went from place to place in search of people who knew about Jesus or met him personally. Finally he had enough material to write the whole Gospel out of it. The book has religion, culture and a sense for knowledge, there is a quest in it that is seldom seen in the students of today’s world.

Saint Luke is also one of the holy figures in the Christian world and Taylor has collected a lot of detail about his life and past. Nothing is exaggerated or written from writer’s own point of view, everything is a collection from different history and religious books.

Still we cannot call it a compilation because after getting the details the author has written it in a systematic order. Captains and the Kings and Testimony of Two Men was nothing like this one even the writing has improved a lot. Paul Boehmer’s narration is an extra treat that the buyer of the book can enjoy fully till the last word that is uttered.

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