A Woman Is No Man


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    Etaf Rum is a renowned Palestinian-American novelist. A Woman is No Man is her debut novel and this went on to become her bestselling novel in the New York Times. This fictional novel is something that you couldn’t put down once you start going through it. It is highly engaging with a great story. The author Etaf Rum managed to impress a great range of audience with just her first novel.

    The story is of Palestinian-American women from three generations and their life in Brooklyn. It is about them torn between the strict norms of Arab culture and the individual desires. The book hold together a heart-wrenching tale of intrigue, love, betrayal and courage. This will resonate with all women from varying backgrounds. They were the ones giving a strong voice to the sliced women and provided agency to the oppressed.

    In Palestine in 1990, Isra a 17 years old girl preferred reading books for entertaining the suitors that her dad has chosen for her. Just in a week time, she found herself married and moved to Brooklyn soon. She struggled a lot to match with the expectations of Fareeda, her mother-in-law and also her husband, Adam. She had added pressure when she had 4 children and all were girls.

    A Woman Is No Man

    In Brooklyn in 2008, Deya, the oldest daughter of Isra is 18 years now. She is supposed to meet her potential spouse as per the insistence of her grandmother Fareeda. Deya just wanted to study. She thought her life would have been different if her parents would have survived in the car crash that actually killed them. But, Fareeda is very firm on the matter.

    The narration of this audiobook was done by the trio of Ariana Delawari, Susan Nezami and Dahlia Salem.

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