Imperfect Sword

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Many thought that the series would end at the trilogy but Jack Campbell has a habit of going beyond the expectation of the people. This book takes the battle much further that was predicted in Tarnished Knight  and started in Perilous Shield. First the human race was divided into two after the war and there were many issues associated with the hierarchy of the new world. Then came the alien invasion that forced the people to unite once again and form an ally with those who were once in power.

Whether that truce was everlasting or not depends on lucky guesses. Artur and Gwen have remained successful in securing the freedom of the Midway Star System but now their allies are a source of trouble for them. The syndicate that once ruled everything is not ready to go down without a fight. The syndicate is getting terminated by the new world order but it is not an easy thing at all. There are other problems too that Drakon faces a former CEO has started to gain power in Ulindi Star System.

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This CEO has an agenda that can make things even more difficult for Drakon and his friends. War and panic everywhere in this third part which appears to be quite confusing too we don’t know what will happen next and the fate of the human race is most uncertain.

Marc Vietor’s narration carries on with the appealing pattern that has been appreciated by the fans so much till now. It is obvious from this part that the next chapter would be the concluding one but the charm still remains and all the credit goes to the author and the narrator. Member Benefit

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