Infinity Blade


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    Infinity Blade is a science fiction fantasy novel written by Brandon Sanderson. Samuel Roukin has done the narration of this novel and played a pivotal role in the audio book success of this novel.

    A good number of months have passes sine the God King and Siris enemies betrayed together. They were left to be punished severely in the Vault of Tears prison. Their actual enemy. The creator of the Infinity Blade itself known as the Worker of Secrets are now reigning.

    After getting the freedom finally, Siris should disentangle plots that apparently were making no senses at all and lead an insurgence with no target and then battle against the detachment within his heart. The secrets revealed would probably dig a lot long back in time and towards the pedigrees of the deathless and to depict the precise nature of the earth itself.

    Infinity Blade

    This novel gained a lot of popularity, rather many of Brandon Sanderson novels did. The Infinity Blade in particular, the success is beyond imagination. The blockbuster video game series with the title of Infinity Blade is also inspired by this novel.

    This latest story in the Infinity Blade saga gets much deeper in the urge to explore the fantastical world of Brandon Sanderson and his novel series. It is about a mysterious world, where you will find technology and magic as some indistinguishable entities.

    Brandon Sanderson has always been exceptional in the science fiction fantasy novels. His imagination and creativity with characters and storyline is exceptional. If you want to listen to more of his audio book novels then the best ones are Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection and Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds.



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