Interview for the End of the World


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For many years the author Rhett C. Bruno has been writing about wars around the earth and on other planets around but in all those the earth survived in the end. Heroes stood up for the safety of the earth whenever there was a need but this calamity is far bigger. No one ever thought about a meteor hitting the earth so hard that it would affect all the living beings present on it. Now the calamity is upon the human race and all they can do is to wait for their extinction and see it with their own eyes. Only one many among millions is with a plan but it is actually a desperate effort to save humanity from extinction.

Darien a scientist with a big fortune has planned to escape the earth’s atmosphere before it is too late. There are several of his friends who are with him on the voyage in space; they have planned to find another planet like the earth to live on. By the looks of it at first the voyage just appears to be an effort in desperation and nothing else.

Interview for the End of the World

Later however when Darien’s calculation prove true we see the silver lining for the human race. Titan’s Fury and Titan’s Legacy were author’s best creations but this one is not very far behind in the presentation of the horrific scenes.

Greg Tremblay just grips the audience with the narration and presents each character as a separate being with an independent personality. A good little story but the original aim of the author was to join it with the Children of Titan series which for some reasons does not possible.


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