Killing the Killers

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When wars take place between two countries, mostly the objective is to show dominance or to occupy a piece of land. Since the beginning of time, it has been the same pattern but in the past two decades, America has fought a different kind of war. It is the war against terrorism that started in 2001 and continued for twenty years after that.

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard open the novel from the beginning in this book when a group of terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on the same day. Many lives were lost in that terrorist attack after which America started a global campaign against terrorism. The first country to face the consequences was Afghanistan because it was hosting Al Qaeda. Then the war shifted to Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Libya as well.

The Americans targeted the terrorists all around the globe because they wanted to end even the least of these killers. Those governments in the world who were supporting these terrorist groups somehow or providing them shelter also suffered in a big way later on. The two authors have always tried to provide details to the audience on historic things. Killing England and Killing Kennedy depicted the events of the past that many people don’t know very clearly.

Robert Petkoff has tried to speed up the narration after the completion of every chapter because things go serious towards the middle and till the end. No listener will feel that the two authors have added something on their own in the book, all the information in the book is completely genuine. The dates and months are all real also the outcome of different campaigns is not altered at all.

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