Wicked Bite

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    Ian for two hundred years did everything that a vampire usually does in his lifetime and then this dark lord found the meaning of love. He went close to Veritas for help against the devil who wanted his soul and then the two went a little too close. The relation between them was formed and both felt the excitement which they had never felt before. The Law Guardian later felt that she had slipped away from her duties because of the relation so she left Ian to correct what she has done wrong.

    Wicked Bite

    Dark souls were left free by Veritas to secure Ian and now she wishes to catch them back otherwise her job would be gone forever. Catching the dead souls is also not an easy task and trying to accomplish this mission single-handed might cause her more than just her job. Ian not in his hundred percent potential craves for the company of Veritas more than ever now and he wants her back on any condition. Loverboy i.e Ian goes after Veritas with a determination to have her forever this time.

    For this purpose, the vampire is ready to fight against all the forces which stand between him and his sole goal in life. Jeaniene Frost describes the thirst of a vampire getting out of control for his chosen one. Resisting the temptation has become tough for him now after spending time with Veritas. It is like the emotions we observed in Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave or perhaps a little more than that.

    Tavia Gilbert narrates Ian almost lamenting in his thoughts for the one female he was attracted to more than anyone. We can feel the intensity rising to a level after which nothing can remain the same.

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