King of Foxes

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Talon lost all his family many years ago and since then he has been on a hunt to look for those who did this. He remembers some of the faces but more than the killers the boy wants to get to the core of the conspiracy. Talon wants to know the reason behind the whole devilish act and this can only be known when he reaches the source.

Conclave of shadows can help him but in order to be one of its members he must fulfill a task. The Conclave asks Talon to search for Laso Varen a magician full of pure evil and for this purpose he must serve Duke Kasper who he thinks was behind the killing of his family. Not only this in order to be with Duke Kasper, Talon has to eradicate his enemies that include the Conclave too. Determined boy thinks of nothing except his mission and goes for the post in Maters’ Court. Not only he gets a chance to come closer to Kasper but in the process he eradicates one of the three men that were in the enemy list. Raymond E. Feist stops at nothing, in this novel there is not only revenge but the aroma of adventure too.

Secret behind the murders is not presented to Talon in a dish after the hard efforts rather he is forced to search for all the pieces. Shards of a Broken Crown and Krondor: The Betrayal had action adventure but not suspense of this style. There are dangers for the hero on each step and circumstances force him to fight against those he loves the most. Peter Joyce is at his best here, the whispering tone in secret talks and then the sigh of anguish at certain stages everything is phenomenal.


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