Dark Bites


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Many authors have tried to add some short stories in their long series for the sake of refreshment and also this helps in introducing several new things in the series. For Sherrilyn Kenyon this is the first time and it was really a convenient time in the series to add a book with bunch of short stories linked to the same characters or circumstances that we have heard in the past.

There are references and stories from the past that help in refreshing the minds a little. For those who have not yet listened to any of the part this one is like a guide book that would tell you what had happened in the past stories such as Bad Moon Rising and Dark Side of the Moon.  Also there are some new stories and incidents that might change into stories in the future. Whether it is the witch hunters or the demigods of the ancient time the book has interesting information related to all of them.

Dark Bites

The stories are complete and they cannot be considered as just a mixture of old memories, the author has given full time and attention to each one of it. It seems that the author could have made an independent novel from each of the short stories but Kenyon wanted to provide people something interesting in a quick succession.

Fred Berman is not new for the series and he had full knowledge about what was going on in each of the fantastic story. So Fred narrates in an excited manner and he was ready for this opportunity all the time to be thrown at him.


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