Shards of a Broken Crown

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Demon attacked on the empire of Midkemia with its full strength but it failed to take control of the empire. Each member of the army fought brilliantly with no care of his life and thus defeated the Demon King who showed no mercy to the enemy.

No evil exists in the land now after Rage of a Demon King, after many ages the land is finally free from evil. But bigger evil still exists in the form of destruction that has approached the land after the war. Cities have turned into dust and those who have survived are now with the duty to reconstruct all that is destroyed. Not only buildings and cities are destroyed but the wars have also resulted in the loss of life.

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Some precious lives like that of Duke of Krondor also perished in the war and heroes like him cannot be forgotten. Jimmy and Dash the two grandsons of the duke now try to rebuild what their grandfather once established but general Fadawah stands in the way. Fadawah thinks of it as the right time to build an empire of his own, instead of serving people like Emerald Queen he thinks that he can gather his own army.

Jimmy and Dash find the people divided in their opinion about choosing sides, thus rebuilding takes another turn. It looks like the empire that remained united even in Shadow of a Dark Queen will now stand as two independent states after the rebuilt. The author Raymond E. Feist and the narrator Peter Joyce is in no mode of ending the series and here it is turning and going to a new level. Member Benefit

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