The Lawnmower Man and Other Stories From Night Shift Audiobook

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The Lawnmower Man and Other Stories From Night Shift Audiobook

If anybody could better Stephen King in the crime genre of writing then it is the author himself as, book after book, he has come up with something better than before and never let go any opportunity to inspire his readers. This book is in the same crime genre as many of his other books, but the characterization and storytelling by John Glover with impeccable emotions make it a fresh one for the repeated readers. Night Shift was one of the bestselling novels of the author and here 5 different stories are narrated under the same title which all relates somewhat to the night, night shift and the author’s ability to play effortlessly with all of our most primitive fears. The Lawnmower Man and Other Stories From Night Shift The ‘Lawnmower Man’ is the first part of the series which talks about the lawnmower and the gruesome death of the cat. ‘The Mangler’ is the 2nd story in the book which is about the masterly investigation of a police officer who suspects a link between a series of industrial accidents and rejects any chance of coincidence between all those incidents. ‘A Quitter’s Inc.’ is about a smoker and his experiences with the habit and dealing with people. ‘The Ledge’ is about a betrayed husband and his vengeance, all by himself. Finally, the ‘Sometimes They Came Back’ is the 5th and last story which talks about a school teacher who is troubled by the past. Not only this but some other masterpieces by Stephen King, such as Blaze: A Novel, End of Watch: A Novel and Skeleton Crew are worth reading/ listening as well.


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