Legends Never Die

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After losing everything in life including the pleasures of human feelings Jason Burek was left with his ship and the team mates. We observe the sincerity of the team as well with its captain in the previous parts like Redemption and Secret of the Phoenix and it is clear that the team has full faith on the captain.

Not even once we observe a difference of opinion between the members and whatever the captain says is an order for them that they must follow. Joshua Dalzelle also has made the troop pass through several psychological stress of war but in this tenth part the story becomes over sentimental. It is the loss of a friend to begin with someone close to Burke and a trustworthy man indeed. The mission in the Pillar World made him lose his friend and moreover the mission was not that significant at all.

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There is also a doubt in the mind of many that perhaps their team mate never died and if he hadn’t died then it means that they have stranded him in the battlefield. Between all this is a drastic change in the ConFed and the whole quadrant faces a threat of war. This too is somehow linked with Jason’s past and he is not in a mood to correct it this time as he is too much engaged in the mourning feeling because of the best member he had lost.

Paul Heitsch has improved the only weakness that was there in the previous part and now the listeners can really feel the power, passion and the dominating factor of this part i.e grief and sorrow on the loss.

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