Little Scarlet


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    Little Scarlet is one of the finest novels that you will witness from the popular Easy Rawlins novel series. It is written impeccably by Walter Mosley. The novel is fictional and has all the ingredients to make it a top rated one. Critics rate it as the best novel by Walter Mosley so far. Michael Boatman once again has teamed up with the author to give his soulful narration for the novel.

    The police make sits way to the doorstep of Easy Rawlins in Los Angeles in 1965, just when the terrible riots rip through the city. Anger of people was at its maximum and there was also fear to be felt in the atmosphere almost everywhere. From the police, Easy was expecting the worst. But surprisingly, this time, they came to take his help.

    Little Scarlet

    A man got brutally pulled and injured in his car by a mob and he took resort in a nearby building. Little Scarlet, a redheaded woman was found dead in the same building. The hiding man there was the obvious suspect. But, he disappeared.

    The police thought that their presence in certain areas of the city could cause a new inferno, so they requested Easy Rawlins to investigate the crime. The key was to find the vanished man, but this was actually just the beginning of the mystery and a lot is yet to happen.

    Cinnamon Kiss and Little Green novels are also written by Walter Mosley and they are also exceptional in their own specific way. These recommended novels are also from the Easy Rawlins novel series and you literally cannot afford to miss them, before you have any judgement about the class and perfect of the Easy Rawlins mystery novel series and the character of Easy.





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