Lord of Ends

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Sam Ryder created Demigod: Monster Slayer and Protector: Monster Slayer for the adults only and this one has more bizarre scenes than the previous books. The nuclear blast has finally done its trick but it has destroyed the human population in a very odd way. People all over the world were with an idea that the radiations would wipe out the population but the radiation did something strange.

The radiation divided the world into two specie, one the original human beings and the second that are mutated by the radiations known as the Enders. The female Enders gain hot and sexy figure while on the other hand the male Enders find themselves deprived of their masculinity.

War or a competition for survival between these two kinds of living beings start and both want to eradicate the other. Between this entire scenario is Cutter the man who has kept himself away from all of this fuss for years. He knows that plunging into all of this might cause him to lose his life and much more but the offer from the twin sisters looks more tempting to him then his promises to himself.

These two sisters offer Cutter a job of their bodyguard as they happen to be in a lot of trouble. Why they are in trouble is answered later when they tell Cutter that they want to see peace on the planet.

Though Cutter knows that the mission is impossible and the idea is completely stupid but he cannot resist the chance of being with them. J.F. Harding enjoys a lot in narrating the first part of this series and the narrator has given his heart to this piece of literature.

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