Magician: Apprentice

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Nicholas Guy Smith narrates the first ever episode of Riftwar i.e a war that ended long ago and now some evil forces are trying to restart all of it. Between the good and the evil there stands only one young lad who does not know much about the strange kind of magic that he possesses under his sleeve. Pug reaches Isles with his master Kulgan who has been teaching him magic for some time now. After reaching the kingdom he displays his talent in the court and the king allows him a place in the court.

Not only this, Pug remains successful in making a place for him in the heart of the princess too. Everything goes well for him but there has remained an issue with him since the day he started learning magic. Pug just cannot go along with the conventional style of magic, his way and techniques are oddly unique. He likes to experiment with the old magic and sometime blends things together.

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Raymond E. Feist puts such a type of character in the story because the circumstances that he is going to face are also unique. Magician: Master and Silverthorn are the next two parts of the series that could be bought along with this one.

The first part gives the listener such a craze that he just cannot wait to listen to the other two so it is better to buy them in advance. Story just races on after the first half and it looks like that narrator too was excited in finishing it quickly so that the conclusion could be reached as quickly as possible. Member Benefit

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