Memnoch the Devil

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Anne Rice in horror or paranormal science fiction fantasy genres have definitely created a league of her own. She is fantastic and this is not self-proclaimed as all her fans and critics have all the good things to say about her diverse range of literary work. Her novel, Memnoch the Devil is another great addition to her already successful The Vampire Chronicles novel series. This specific book under review is the 5th chapter of her mentioned novel series. Just like the prior novels and just as expected, Simon Vance has one again inspired the audience with his powerful and expressive voice, as the narrator of this novel.

The character of Memnoch in Memnoch the Devil novel is the most intriguing character ever, which is penned by Anne Rice. You will find the writer in her top form. The novel is sensual, erotic, bold and fast paced. It tells a tale, which is as old as the legends of Scripture and as advance as the religious strife of today. The author has surely taken this novel and her character to a place, where many few novelists have ventured so far. The novel in every way is a ride both in the hell and heaven itself.

The more you know about the author Anne Rice, the more you get closer to actually imagine her creative powers, which are absolutely unimaginable. She is a complete literary writer and has shown some great work within the paranormal or the horror genres. If you are looking for some more novels by the author, Anne Rice, then the ones, which will inspire you the most are: The Tale of the Body Thief and Interview with the Vampire.







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    The Tale of the Body Thief

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