Mikhail and Margarita

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Julie Lekstrom Himes has surely started her career with a bang by producing such a masterpiece which has everything in it, there is love in the form of Mikhail and Margarita also we see a different sort of love, a love between a teacher and a student in the form of Osip and his friend and student in the field of literature Mikhail. There is hate as well in the characters along with a sense of competition.

Thus it’s like a race between characters to get what they want from life but sadly none is presented with the fulfillment of their dreams. The writer has surely aroused passion in the novel which is great to see. Secondly, the novel based on Russian culture in the era of 1933 thus it is with certain historical references as well so we can call it a historical novel as well, the details that are presented are accurate which means that the novelist has invested quite a lot of time searching the Russian history in great detail.


There is also criticism of a class of people who are always there to derive negative things from the works of a noble writer. Mikhail is suspected as a crime against the state when he has done nothing harmful at all except writing a few odd books which the people misunderstood. The harsh dictatorship presented in the novel is against both the writer and what is written. Michael Goldstrom has done a splendid job in the narration department especially when it comes to the pronunciation of the Russian names given to the characters.

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