Miracle Road


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    Miracle Road is the seventh chapter of the Eternity Springs novel series. The book is a product of Emily March who is a mind-blowing author of romance novels. She did an amazing job with the writing of her Eternity Springs series and Dreamweaver Trail is a very good novel from it and also Teardrop Lane.

    The audio narration of the Miracle Road novel is done by Amy Landon. It was a fine performance and wouldn’t distract the listeners from the storyline and the characters.

    After tragedy strikes the entire team, Lucca Romano, the coach of the college basketball team arrived at Eternity Springs. They came there to reassess their life. Even the big offers and the winning record could break the wall of guilt that Lucca Romano had built all around himself. The only exception there was a charming neighbor there who wouldn’t give up on him. But then a weak moment led to some consequences that sook the faith of Hope. It was then all up to Lucca to just set aside his intense heartache and show Hope that broken hearts in Eternity Springs could be healed.

    Miracle Road

    Hope Montgomery was a schoolteacher who always believed in miracles. She had to believe because giving upon things would mean that she would crumble under the huge loss that any parent could ever endure. She understood that Lucca was suffering big time and she was experiencing that herself every day. But the high school team was in dire need of his great coaching experience. Therefore, she took the initiative to draw him right outside from his solitary, cold shell.

    The story of Miracle Road is very cute and enjoyable. But, it had an abrupt ending. The listeners demanded to have a bit more follow-through after so much build-up early on.

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