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Wilbur Smith has taken the battle to the ages; the end of one age allows the rise of another. Hal was just an inexperienced person in Birds of Prey when he went to the sea with his father. There he faced conspiracies, attacks, and a huge amount of life loss. On his return, Hal was not a boy anymore rather the experience transformed him into a man who could lead his family and state single-handedly. Hal’s three sons have also grown up now and this is the time to teach them the skills of warfare.

Perfect opportunity strikes the family when the king’s orders are delivered to them. King in his letter orders Hal to vanquish the pirates in Madagascar who have been looting the people of South Africa again and again. The ship is prepared in this regard and Hal plans to take his three sons along with him for this life-threatening mission.

It was one of these missions that made Hal a real man and now it’s time for his sons to learn what it takes to be a man. Sean Barrett does not give the three brothers a different tone but the narrator has given them different styles to show the variation in their personalities. Sean used this technique during Golden Fox too when there were several characters on different missions. This tenth part can force any listener to go through this book more than one time. The struggle for life at sea is best described by Wilbur in this part. Love among brothers gets stronger at every step of the voyage when they see dead bodies and real blood around them.

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    Birds of Prey

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