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Montana Sky is a novel written by Nora Roberts, who one after the other, mesmerizes audience with her top quality writing. This novel is a contemporary fiction type and has all the ingredients to be one of the most grasping novels for the book lovers. Erika Leigh has done the narration of this novel, which turned out to be a good one as per the reviews pf the narrator.

When Jack Mercy took his last breath, he left behind him a lot of enemies and also a ranch, which worth was estimated at $20 million. Now his three daughters, who were each born from his different marriage have to hear his will. All three of them were unknown to each other.

Willa was the only one who knew her father closely. She was confident that everything of her father will be hers only. Tess flown in from Hollywood reluctantly and she only wanted to have as much cash as possible. And that too, as soon as possible. Finally, Lily Mercy didn’t had any expectations and she would settle down with anything that she gets. She actually had a hard and an unlucky life and she always expect disappointment coming her way, so that’s why she didn’t had any huge expectations. She has suffered a lot of cruelty as well from men all her life. 

But all three ladies were in complete shock to learn the will. In order to inherit anything from their father, they have to live together in the ranch for whole 1 year.

The Liar and Whiskey Beach are the top novels that Nora Roberts has written, which are deserving of being listened in their audio format for a great and a joyous literary ride.





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