The Man in the High Castle & 1984


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    A historical novel created by Philip K. Dick and George Orwell that discusses the world war and the effects of the second world war on the post world war era. The story describes the condition of the Japanese people and Japan after winning and the condition of Germany after the Nazi situation and the state in which the Jews were living at that time in America. Most of the Jews were living in disguise and with the changed name because they were not considered as legal citizens and they were continuously chased by the armies.

    The Man in the High Castle & 1984

    The slavery condition in America was also a heart rendering sight because the slaves were treated in an inhuman manner in which no mercy was shown to them, their masters used top abuse them for fun and they were punished severely if they tried to escape. Even the law and order situation in America was too poor. It is hard to believe that these circumstances could have existed in America the world superpower just a few decades ago as the story gives us references to the years 1962 and then we reach to 1984.

    The totalitarian rule is the main discussion issue throughout the tale in which we are told about the imperial Japan and the rule of the Nazi’s in Germany that took control over the United States after the world war. The writer presents a world that is like a horrifying nightmare for the American if they had lost during the world was it would have resulted at the end of humanity and the human race for them as the cruel Nazi’s would have crushed them badly. The narration by   Tom Weiner, Samuel West is excellent throughout the novel and is a real treat to hear.       

    The Wrong Stars – Tim Pratt, and They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper – Bruce Robinson could be the novels you may need to listen to after this fabulous one.


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