The Wrong Stars

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The wrong stars is a tale that has both aliens and humans in it that are not enemies but they are working in a group so that they could prove beneficial for one another instead of destroying and killing each other apart. However, the scene quickly changes when they find an alien technology that is far more advanced than anything that they possess.

The technology even affects the bond between the aliens and the human race as it possesses the power not only to aid the human race far beyond boundaries but it could also kill the whole race with just a single click. Another strange thing happens that gives the story a sudden twist and that is the finding of an old shipwreck that is perhaps hundreds of year old, traveling several light years.

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To the amazement of the people, they find a survival in a pod who is a girl with the news of the presence of alien race in the universe. The news does not prove to be significant at first as the alien contact was not a big deal in the time when she woke up, humans and aliens were working in coordination for several decades but amazingly she does not talk about these primitive alien races that have been in contact with the human race, she talks about an advanced race that can do anything including the complete destruction of both the races.

The story is full of science and technology and also the element of war is always there threatening the civilizations all the time. John Glouchevitch’s narration keeps a good pace with the story and the variation in it with the change of characters is awesome.   Just like Ascension: Ascension, Book 6 – Ken Lozito you will never miss out the story until it reaches the end of it.


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