Alien Empress


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    Isaac Hooke completes the trilogy with the introduction of the Green world that has a link with the Argonauts. One member of Rade’s team is a Green and she has been serving the humans for a long time now. She wants to return to the home world because the Green world is under attack by Hydra. The specie is linked to water and starts causing massive damage on the planet within no time.

    Rade of course cannot leave one of his team mates alone in the time of trouble, his team is like his family now and thus the whole crew starts the journey towards the Green world. This is the first time that the team is not hired by anyone; they take the mission on their own will and her desperate for another epic battle.

    Alien Empress

    They are provided with the especially designed suits that could withstand any havoc but nothing is enough if you face a disaster of such a magnitude. Instead of facing the Green world and the planet Rade changes his focus and makes the saving of his team his first priority, but this too looks impossible under the circumstances. Even in You Are Prey and Bug Hunt the team never looked in such a hopeless mode. Everything is grim all around and only Rade can bring out the true potential of his team after saving it first of course from the deadly blows of the Hydra.

    Narration helps in portraying the sadness that is present among the ranks; Luke Daniels varies tone for the scenes that portray war, association and tragedy. If you have a spare weekend this book is a perfect choice.

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