You Are Prey

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You Are Prey: Argonauts, Book 2

The retired army officers opened up a new franchise known as the Argonauts really accomplished their goals in the first chapter. The team proved itself in an excellent way in the warfare, fighting the aliens in mortal combat. Now their second mission awaits them raising their level to new heights. The ship of the Argonauts chases a Phant to the side of the galaxy that was not the friendly type at all. Ships in outer space usually don’t go to the far side of the galaxy but this chase took them beyond boundaries.

They crew lands on the planet that was supposed to be a dead one but as they hunt for their prey on the planet they come to know that the planet is not that dead all. The one whom the crew searches for hides in the layer of the aliens and it is quite possible that the whole thing is a trap for them. Still the captain decides to move ahead because failure or running away is something Rade is not familiar with at all. The team after entering the layer of the aliens finds itself trapped in the dungeons with no connection with the outside world at all.

Now they don’t remain the hunters anymore because the things inside the dungeon are now coming for them. Isaac Hooke tailors better than Bug Hunt, the stakes have never been higher for Argonauts who are still desperate to be the hunters in the chase instead of being the hunted. Luke Daniels narrates beautifully this thrilling story which transforms into a might war in the middle chapters of the book.

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