Bug Hunt Argonauts, Book 1


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Bug Hunt: Argonauts, Book 1

Everyone wants to engage him or herself in something after retirement and that was also the aim of ex-military officer Rade. After spending a lifetime in the army he and his teammates invested their retirement on the buying of a ship. Thus the Argonauts launched their retirement plan in a big way. Things however did not move according to the plan because their job became a little tougher than they expected and things started slipping out of their hands. It is nothing like the things the crew faced during their job days but this is the fate they have selected for themselves in their retirement.

Bug Hunt Argonauts, Book 1

They face bankers and then the warlords that never existed in their imaginations even and the current one is a lady who wants them to take her to the frontier planet. The mission by the looks of it looks spooky not only because the lady is suspicious but also because of the fact that she allows no one to check her cargo. One thing is for sure that she wants to smuggle something illegal to the planet and that might cost the reputation of the Argonauts too. Stranger things happen when the troop land on the frontier planet and find that it is empty to the core.

Some alien species has eaten up most part of the population and it’s time to do what the troop like the most i.e hunt the alien down. Isaac Hooke the author of   Mech 3 and Fighter really brings sensation in our hearts, the magical voice of Luke Daniels too appeals to our ears in this entire science fiction.

Bug Hunt Bug Hunt



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