My Lovely Wife

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Readers of suspense and murder mysteries will not get anything better than this one. Samantha Downing is the best creator of stories which have a special purpose in them. The stories cannot be left untouched because of their appeal and the storyline which tempts us to listen to it again and again. Dexter meets his next door neighbours which is a sweet couple with their sweet kids.

Everything related to them was quite appealing because Mr. Smith and his wife were the kind of people who can appeal the entire neighbourhood with the lovely chemistry which they have between them. Both families started getting closer to one another and their children also became friends. Then one day Smith told something to his innocent neighbour which alarmed him completely.

Smith actually told Dexter the story of his love affair with his wife. The first meeting was simple and lovely which brought them closer to one another after which they got married. Later they had kids like the ordinary couples but the secrets which the two of them had in their hearts separated them from the normal people living in the world.

He Started It and For Your Own Good kind of threats emerge in the story out of nowhere at the middle and the story totally shifts. David Pittu starts narrating a murder tale at once and the casual love story disappears from the scene. Mr Smith and his wife were actually connected to a murder case and they wanted to keep the past deeply buried. Their past now gets linked to the new neighbours who didn’t want to get involved in that serious matter.

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