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William Gibson is one of the most famous science fiction writers of the ear and none of us can doubt the quality of the work that he has produced over the years. This of course being his master piece not because the book won him several awards but because it surely is the real deal. Garnished by the heavy sound of Robertson Dean it is something worth to listen to, Dean uses a variation in the sound for the mental trauma condition that the computer hacker in the story faces.

Though the story is an excellent one but the narration is also not a step behind because without it the work won’t be that much appealing at all. The story is about a computer hacker whose mind is not in the correct position and he tries to take his life in but fails to perform anything useful for himself. Then as the unthinkable happens things really start to look grim for the mankind. The virtual reality becomes the reality as the cyber world takes over the humans start losing their grip on the world that they once though belonged to them only. Everything is a mess for the characters in the novel and the writing style can be compared with Agency and The Peripheral but not the story.

This is just the first part of the trilogy and more action is about to come this way. There is also an issue with the book i.e the story can’t be understood fully unless we grab the other two parts too and go through them with the same attention. The plot and the story are linked and continue in all the three parts of the trilogy.

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