Nine Dragons

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Nine Dragons is a crime fiction novel. It is the 14th title in the Harry Bosch novel series. The book is written by Michael Connelly. He has proved himself as one of the finest talents when it comes to writing crime fiction or mystery thriller novels. If you have any doubt in that claim then you should check out The Black Box novel of Michael Connelly. Another novel from the author that is worth mentioning here is The Late Show novel.

The narration of the Nine Dragons audio novel is done by Len Cariou. It was mainly a good performance, except when Len tried to do female voices.

Fortune Liquors was a tiny shop in South Los Angeles. Harry Bosch, an LAPD Detective knew this story for many years. John Li, the owner of that shop got killed and that hit Harry Bosch too hard. He promised Li’s family that he would find the killer. The world where he got into next was completely unknown territory for him.

A detective from the Asian Gang Unit was brought in by him. Harry Bosch needed him for all the translations required. He also needed him to know about all of the cultural norms and those expectations that guided the life of Li. He was able to crack a link with a triad from Hong Kong and that changed everything.

This is another hit novel in the Harry Bosch series. This story is very interesting and it will provide you with a good description of Chinese tongs along with the history of Hong Kong that will surely fascinate you. On top of that, you will enjoy some great action as well.

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