No Man’s Land

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John Puller, Book 4

The thriller series just gets better as things become personal for Puller this time. Though Puller is considered as one of the best in the job but he never succeeded in solving the case related to the disappearance of his mother thirty years ago. He failed to solve the case not because he lacked the ability but because he was not allowed to do it by the military with a threat that he would be court-martialed.

His father too facing dementia in a hospital ward cannot tell anything that is linked to the disappearance of his mother. Some people think that it was his father who killed his mother and after that faced memory loss or perhaps it was just an act.

But this time at the appearance of Veronica Puller he is bound to know what happened to his mother as according to him the case is linked to several more things. Even his department wants to hide these things from him and there is also a hint that his father might not be facing memory loss after all.

This thriller surpasses David Baldacci’s previous masterpieces like Zero Day and End Game as it unfolds in patterns and the evil always goes on getting bigger and bigger. Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy play an equal role in the success of this masterpiece as they narrate with a keen interest depicting each section and action in a clear concrete tone.

Moreover the writer has improved the description of the scenery present all around which makes this fourth part a bit more appealing. The selection of the words and the tone of the main characters is also just awesome.



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