One Plus One

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One Plus One is another beautiful novel based on contemporary romance, which Jojo Moyes has written. She is great with her imagination to craft exceptional fictional stories. The narration of this novel was beautifully handled by a team of narrators, who are Elizabeth Bower, Nicola Stanton, Ben Elliot and Steven France.

The story is about a single mom, a chaotic family and an idiosyncratic stranger. It is a highly irresistible love story.

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American audience surely have fallen in love with the dynamic writer, Jojo Moyes, especially after the huge success of her Me before You novel. The same novel took her up the ranks of top authors and she became an overnight sensation and earned the top spot of authors in New York Times. This novel, One Plus One is a contemporary opposite, which is a beautiful love story, which reads and sounds more like a modern day romance.

Suppose your life sucks big time and your husband has done an extremely vanishing act. You stepson, who is a teenager is bullied as well and then your daughter gets one in a lifetime academic opportunity for which you are not able to pay for. This is Jess’s life for you in a nutshell, which obviously is quite depressing and struggling. One day an unexpected knight comes and offer to rescue them. Things started to change from there quickly and extremely drastically.

The Giver of Stars and Me Before You are other stunning novels written by Jojo Moyes on fiction genre. They are worthy of listening and you will surely have a nice time listening to the powerful narrations of powerful fictional stories.



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