Me Before You



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    Me Before you is a fictional (Chick Lit) novel written by Jojo Moyes. It is actually the first book of Me Before You Trilogy and this novel made a great start to the series of novels. The narration of this novel was a team work between Susan Lyons, Steven Crossley, Anna Bentink and Alex Tregear.

    The couple had absolutely nothing in common between them, until love gave them everything they had to lose.

    Me Before You

    The story is about an ordinary girl, Louisa Clark, who is living a very substandard life. She has a reliable boyfriend and close family too. And, all this was not farther from her than her very small village. She is badly in need of a job and takes on the first available opportunity to work for Will Traynor, the former Master of the Universe. Will Traynor was wheelchair bound due to his physical disability, which happened after he met a terrible accident. Will Traynor was known to live a happy and huge life always. He used to make big business deals, worldwide travels and was very much into extreme sports. But not he is very much certain that he couldn’t live the life, the way he is living now.

    Will is also found to be extremely moody, bossy and acerbic. But, Lou rejected to treat him very gently and soon the happiness for him became a lot more than she actually expected.

    Jojo Moyes is a fine writer when it comes to writing the best fictional and/ or historical fictional stories. You can find lots of entertainment in his other significant novels, which namely are: The Giver of Stars and Still Me.

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