Paper Doll Lina

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Paper Doll Lina is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Robyn Lucas. She is a writer from the USA. She came into the limelight when she became a survivor of domestic violence. She first had a successful career in South Carolina in marketing and communications, before she became a writer. This Paper Doll Lina is her debut novel.

Bahni Turpin is the narrator of this book and that was a challenging task put forward to the narrator, considering its complex story and character. The narration by all means was so perfectly done.

Lina was a wife and a mother too. She likened herself to a charming paper doll. She had a beautiful home in the suburbs of Atlanta. David her husband was a very successful investment banker. She raised a couple of wonderful teenagers. Their family was very perfect for the outside world.

But, nobody had any idea that the paper doll life of Lina was completely shattered and torn apart by his abusive and controlling marriage. When she started with an unexpected friendship with another man in the town and reconnected with one of her old friends then she found a way out of her emotional minefield at her home.

But her husband, David became more dangerous as soon as he sensed his loss of control over Lina. In that situation, Lina must do something within her power so that she could protect herself and shield her children.

Paper Doll Lina is a gripping story with immensely strong characters. It will be a difficult and in my opinion, a triggering read. You will experience the heartbreak of a very painful and abusive marriage.

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