Parno’s Peril

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Remained unimportant all his life the youngest prince succeeds at every gamble that he makes and luck has been favoring him though not the circumstances. N.C. Reed the author took Parno’s relatives away from him in Parno’s Company and Parno’s Destiny and now even the love of his life has deceived him.

His duty is the primary objective of life left for him in a situation when his own family wants to get rid of him even when all of them are fully aware that they are in no position to defend the land on their own. People of Soulan are soon going to starve to death because the enemy has occupied the agricultural land for a very long time. Trade routes are sealed and for Parno its time for another gamble because the last one really paid off.

Assassinations in palace show that there are traitors in the army ranks and some of the soldiers might still be working for Parno’s sister. Enemy that has so long been on the coastal side finally decides to march on and the prince has a hint that someone from the place might be giving these orders according to the right situation.

Eric Michael Summerer narrate another one with a nail biting finish, the book has a lot of war talk but it does not mean that wars take place throughout the story. The news of war and attacks are there to keep the listener engaged and alert. There is a need of some loyal characters on Parno’s side because the author has really thrown him in the enemy’s pit with no loyal ally at all.

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