Plague of the Dead

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Plague of the Dead is the 1st chapter in an entirely new series with the name of Morningstar Strain. It is a horror fiction written by Z. A. Recht. He is an American writer and excels in the horror genre with some really captivating stories. If we look at some more books from the author then the likes of Survivors and Thunder and Ashes would make a great entertaining read.

Oliver Wyman did the narration of this novel and it turned out to be a good one for all his simplicity of accent and giving the right vice for the right character.

The story talks about the end that starts with a viral outbreak. It was unlike anything that the humanity has ever witnessed before. The infected people were subject to fever, delirium, which is a kind of a dramatic disease triggering a very violent behavior. The worst part was that the disease had 1005 mortality rate and nobody could survive once he/ she gets infected. But, it just don’t end here at all. The victims then started to return from death and goes on to walk the earth.

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A massive military operation got initiated to contain the virus but failed miserably. Eventually, the thing turned into a global pandemic. The basic necessities of life just in a matter of days became hard to find. Gone were all the pretty good days and those desirable amenities of the civilized life. There was just one strong rule taking its hold: Live or Die. Kill or get killed.

This is a great zombie book which is loved for not having a vampire or even a werewolf. The audience would just love to enjoy those epic battle scenes between the armed forces and the horde of dead. Member Benefit

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