Rakkety Tam

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Rakkety Tam is the 16th installment in the Redwall novel series. The author of this novel is Brian Jacques who was the best-selling author in New York Times for his immensely popular Redwall series. The author in this long series and even otherwise has written quite a number of amazing stories for children which are enjoyed even by adults. If a couple of his good novels are to be recommended then Mattimeo and Mossflower would make an easy choice.

Brian Jacques is the narrator himself in this novel and he has been taking on this role in the majority of the novels that he has written. Here, he is supported by a few more narrators to play different characters in the book. Their performance as whole was quite satisfactory.

Rakkety Tam novel sees an extremely horrifying creature making its way on the Mossflower country shores. It is a wolverine, Gulo the Savage and was known to gulp the flesh of his enemies. His main intentin was to kill his brother and clutch a huge relic, which is known by the name of Walking Stone. But, Redwall Abbey is standing right in the way of Gulo along with Rakkety Tam MacBurl support, a mercenary squirrel. The Mossflower woods very soon are buzzing with the beautiful sounds of battle-cries, just as a fierce battle beings, which will test the bonds of companionship. Some great twists and turns are in store from here onwards for the audience.

If you read this novel as an adult then it will take you back to your childhood story times. The story is strong and it has quite a number of characters who will mesmerize you with hours of entertainment.





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