Raven Stole the Moon

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Garth Stein’s story works more on an ancient myth that is still believed to be true in Alaska because the people think that there is a path between the two worlds. Though there is a path between the world of the dead and the undead but no one can cross this path on his will because of the monster that sits at the door of both worlds. Jenna Rosen never believed the myth to be true until she lost her little son.

When the boy named Bobby was lost in Alaska, Jenna just left the place in desperation but now after a span of two years she is back for answers. She in these two years was unable to soothe her mind because the dead body of her son was never found and she thinks that he is still alive out there.

Eddie a simple countryman has a soft corner for the lady and helps her in all possible way in the search but when it comes to Kushtaka they need the help of David Livingstone. David does not want Jenna to go close to the monster that lives in the dark because it can take your soul without even bothering to ask.

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Jenna however desperate about her child wants answers at any rate and thus the two men start their journey along with her in search of the truth about the missing boy. Though it was Jennifer Van Dyck’s first time in narration but the narrator has done better in narration if compared with The Art of Racing in the Rain and Racing in the Rain. The pronunciation is superb and the pace of uttering words is not too fast so there is no need for any repetition in the audio.

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