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All is lost in appearance when the story begins as the war against the aliens left the humans battered. Cole, Lina, Dex and Alec tried hard to recruit more and more humans for the battle but all the planning failed in a big way. Hope still remains with the heroes and they think that they can still make the enemies run for their lives.

Path is deadly but they are left with no other option that they can choose for their survival. Devon C. Ford and Nathan Hystad have toiled hard for the creation of the conclusion. The authors have really given hype to the alien drama in Occupation and Salvation now in the finale the Reclaimers are finally told that they are not alone. This single message infuses the ray of hope among all of those who felt really terrible after losing the battle on the Gateway. Alec is told that all over the globe there are groups of Reclaimers ready to join his gigantic mission.

As a hidden pawn, Dex still awaits orders on the other side of the Occupation and his role could also prove lethal against the enemy. Secret of the device also gets the detailed description from the author.

The device actually makes the earth’s atmosphere favorable for the alien race. If somehow that device is destroyed the atmosphere would not remain favorable for the invaders anymore and they would perish on their own. Lina goes to destroy the device forever and Cole along with Soares goes toward the Gateway once again for another attempt. Ray Porter’s voice always makes the ending of a series stronger and smooth and here it is the same case.

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    Salvation Rise, Book 2

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