Salvation Rise, Book 2

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Salvation: Rise, Book 2

Overseers brought slavery to the people of the earth and the situation reached a point where a revolt became a must. Four heroes emerged on the scene and a band was formed against the alien race at the start of Occupation. Enmity increased the rage of the invaders so Tom and Alec thought that the need more support for human side.

For the sake of help the two came out of their hidings and tried to hire more men for the job. Situation in the human world appear odd to them because they realize that not all of the humans are ready to fight against the alien race. In such situation finding help in the form of more men became tough for the two.

Cole goes to Chicago for the same purpose and Lina tries to attract more free men on her side. Dex the hunter also gets assigned for a dangerous task and this is what he enjoys the most, playing with fire has been his business since the beginning. The two authors Devon C. Ford and Nathan Hystad in the voice of Ray Porter take the story to the next level where unsettling situation has emerged. Sides are finally chosen and concluding episode Reclamation will decide everything for the humans and the aliens.

Still there remains the issue of a secret weapon that the aliens were trying to make and its use in the war could be lethal. An action trip in a race against time situation is best described in this series. Cruelty of the aliens is not given much time, only thing that we know about the aliens is that they are hostile and they show no mercy towards the enemy.

Salvation Salvation

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