Survive for Now By Bob Howard



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    The Infected Dead, Book 2

    A legacy of survival arose from the ashes when doomsday preppers unknowingly built shelters against the apocalypse. Civilization collapsed as the infected dead swarmed the earth, yet pockets of humanity endured in secret havens.

    One such haven stood on a South Carolina island, where a ragtag group of survivors banded together by chance. Though safe for now, they refused to simply exist while the world perished. Their conscience compelled them to action.

    When a father and daughter needed rescue, the crew welcomed them into their refuge. But the emboldened group dreamed bigger – could they achieve the impossible and reunite this family with loved ones in Alabama?

    Bound by moral duty, these unlikely heroes embarked on a dangerous quest across the wasteland. They pushed past hordes of ravenous undead through teamwork and grit. Not content to just survive, their mission reveals an unbreakable human spirit even in utter desolation. Their journey ignites a flame of hope that life and goodness persist if one chooses to fight for it.

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